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Fall 2017, Volume 53, Number 4

Special Issue - Clinical Simulation

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Editor's Message

There is nothing so practical as a good (simulation) theory

Andrew West, EdD, MAppSc(Resp), FCSRT


Simulation use in paediatric student respiratory therapy training

Catharine M. Walsh, MD, MEd, PhD, FRCPC, Katherine S. Reise, RRT, BHSc, Roger Correia, BSc, RRT, MHS

Simulation Specialists: setting the stage for a new role for Respiratory Therapists in education?

Jessica Bernard BSc. (Hons), RRT

Simulation—an invaluable tool in the respiratory therapist’s tool kit

Kevin Middleton RRT, BSc, MEd

Innovations in Practice

Towards an enhanced conceptualization of fidelity for instructional design in simulation-based respiratory therapy education

Andrew J. West EdD, MAppSc(Resp), FCSRT, Beaumie Kim PhD , Gale Parchoma PhD

Research Articles

The effects of introducing high-fidelity simulation to preclinical student respiratory therapists

David Wall RRT, BSc, MEd

Partnering for Patti: Shaping future healthcare teams through simulation-enhanced interprofessional education

Renée Gordon RN MSc, Meaghan Flecknell RN MN, Tammie Fournier RRT, BEd, Diana Dupont RN MN Katelyn Gowlett BN Student (Year 4), Karen E. Furlong RN, MN, PhD

Message from the Editor in Chief

Welcome to our special edition on the topic of Clinical Simulation. We are excited to share some of the new and innovative ideas that are emerging from within our own profession. We welcome your feedback on this issue - contact moc.t1511435327rsc@r1511435327otide1511435327 to publish a Letter to the Editor in a subsequent issue and join the conversation!


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Andrew West, EdD, MAppSc(Resp), FCSRT