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Summer 2018, Volume 53, Number 3

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Editor's Message

Stewarding our community’s journal

Andrew West, EdD(c), RRT, FCSRT

Research Articles

Noninvasive ventilation in life-threatening asthma: A case series

Andrew Miller BSRT, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS, Dean A VanHart BSRT RRT, Michael A Gentile RRT FAARC

Comparison of the accuracy of classification models to estimate healthcare use and costs associated with COPD exacerbations in Saskatchewan, Canada: A retrospective cohort study

John Paul Kuwornu PhD, Gary F. Teare PhD, Jacqueline M. Quail PhD, Evelyn Forget PhD, Saman Muthukumarana PhD, Xiaoyun E. Wang MSc, Meric Osman MA, Lisa M. Lix PhD

Case Report

Pulmonary rehabilitation after lung transplantation with severe complications: A case report

Guo-Qiang Jing, Jie Li MS RRT NPS ACCS, Bing Sun MD, Huiwen Chu, Haichao Li, Xue Wang, Xiao Tang MD


Poster Abstracts from the 2017 Conference of the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists

Message from the Editor in Chief

Welcome to our Summer edition! In this issue we are pleased to present  poster abstracts from the CSRT Annual Education Conference in Halifax.


We are calling for contributions for our 2018 edition on "Primary Care", due Feb 1 2018. CLICK HERE for more information on this call. Questions? Contact the managing editor at moc.t1506313014rsc@r1506313014otide1506313014


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Andrew West, EdD(c), RRT, FCSRT