Call for Papers – Emerging Practice

We invite respiratory therapists, as well as our interprofessional colleagues, to submit research exploring the role new and innovative cardiopulmonary practices play in expanding coverage, improving quality, and containing costs in healthcare. Submissions on the topic of emerging practice may: (details on right)

Submissions are due May 1st, 2019

  • Focus on unique, emerging, and expanding roles of respiratory care practitioners in health care environments.
  • Demonstrate interventions that are new, innovative, promising, and safe, yet have limited discussion in the literature.
  • Respond to changing and evolving healthcare needs, including responses to an ageing population, healthcare worker shortages, or advancing models of care such as precision medicine.

Message from the Editor in Chief

Welcome to our second edition of 2018! I encourage you to submit any comments or thoughts you may have on the content in this issue, both in agreement and in controversy. Contact to have your feedback published in our next edition.

We are pleased to bring you the poster abstracts from the recent CSRT conference in Vancouver. I encourage you to review the abstracts and connect with the authors to collaborate, share, and engage as we build our own body of knowledge. I look forward to publishing the manuscripts that ensue.


We are pleased to introduce curated collections featuring all published articles from the CJRT archives related to a selected topic of interest to RTs. The CJRT will be announcing a new article collection every 3 months. For our third quarter of 2018, we have created a collection on the topic of Emerging Practice - check it out today at under the "Article Collections" section.


The CJRT is always recruiting interested volunteers to participate in the peer review process. Create a profile today at:! You get to read the latest papers in your area of expertise and practice your critical review skills. After each completed review, the peer reviewer receives educational credit letters that can be applied to your provincial CPD program. New to research? We are happy to start you off slowly and pair you with experienced reviewers for your first review.

Justin Sorge, RRT, MPH

Editor in Chief

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