Volume 58

Burnout among respiratory therapists during COVID-19 pandemic

Anna Spirczak, Ramandeep Kaur, David L. Vines
Published online December 2, 2022

Impacts of surgical mask wearing on cardiopulmonary fitness using a six-minute walk test among older adults with hypertension

Patchareeya Amput, Sirima Wongphon
Published online November 23, 2022

COP27 Climate Change Conference: Urgent action needed for Africa and the world

Published online November 22, 2022

The ROX index: “Propelled” by high-flow nasal cannula therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic into greater applicability in respiratory support

Lucélia Luna Melo-Diaz, George Alvicio Kieling
Published online November 22, 2022

Response: Rebreathing of carbon dioxide during noninvasive ventilation. Is PEEP the final solution?

Ahmed Al Hussain, David L. Vines
Published online November 22, 2022

Exploring the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination amongst respiratory therapists in Canada

Julie Brown, Wouter Kalle, Thiru Vanniasinkam
Published online November 22, 2022

Effects of inhaled furosemide on dyspnea and pulmonary function in people with COPD: A literature review

Zeina Atwi
Published online October 21, 2022

Validation of a structured questionnaire to assess the perception and satisfaction of respiratory therapy students toward career prospects and learning resources

Jithin K. Sreedharan, Udaya Kumar Rao, Mohammed Al Ahmari, Shashidhar M. Kotian, Praveen B. Mokshanatha
Published online October 7, 2022

Tracheostomy in critically ill patients with SARS 2 COVID-19 infection: a prospective observational multi-center study of short and long-term outcomes

Alberto Corona, Vincenzo De Santis, Domenico Vitale, Cecilia Nencini, Antonella Potalivo, Anna Prete, Nicoletta Barzaghi, Sara Tardivo, Marina Terzitta, Anna Malfatto, Luigi Tritapepe, Alessandro Locatelli, Mervyn Singer
Published online September 30, 2022

Strategies to achieve adherence to prone positioning in awake COVID-19 patients with highflow nasal oxygen. A case series

Marina Busico, Mariela Marisol Laiz, José García Urrutia, Maria Emilia Amado, Darío Villalba, Santiago Nicolás Saavedra, Adrián Gallardo, Arnaud W Thille
Published online September 28, 2022

A survey on the attitudinal differences between acute and community settings

Cael Field
Published online September 28, 2022

Ocular disorders in non-invasive ventilation and CPAP therapy—A case report

Mariana da Cunha Macedo Conde, Pablo Safwat Bayoumy Delis, Peter J Papadakos, Antonio M. Esquinas
Published online September 20, 2022

A longitudinal study on the impact of simulation on positive deviance through speaking up

Efrem M. Violato
Published online August 29, 2022

Winning Posters from the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists 2022 Annual Conference

Published online August 17, 2022

Educating frontline health workers to support evidence-based management and treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: A literature review

Karen Y. Brooks, Ryna Levy-Milne
Published online August 17, 2022

A survey of minimally invasive surfactant therapy in Canada

Shaily Brahmbhatt, Brooke Read, Orlando Da Silva, Soume Bhattacharya
Published online July 28, 2022

Letter to the Editor re: Response to late diagnosis of COVID-19 and hypercoagulable state

Desdiani Desdiani
Published online July 26, 2022

Emotional impact of compassionate extubation on respiratory therapists and nurses: A pilot study

Ramandeep Kaur, Elaine Chen, Anam S. Faizi, Vivien Joy Lamadrid, David L. Vines, J. Brady Scott
Published online July 26, 2022

Potential rebreathing of carbon dioxide during noninvasive ventilation provided by critical care ventilator

Ahmed Al Hussain, David Vines
Published online July 27, 2022

Quality assurance in allied healthcare education: A narrative review

Jithin K. Sreedharan, Arun Vijay Subbarayalu, Saad M. AlRabeeah, Manjush Karthika, Madhuragauri Shevade, Musallam Abdullah Al Nasser, Abdullah S. Alqahtani
Published online July 26, 2022

Predictors of mortality among hospitalized patients with COVID-19: A single-centre retrospective analysis

Kumar Pranshu, Aneesa Shahul, Surjit Singh, Ashok Kuwal, Maldev Sonigra, Naveen Dutt
Published online July 26, 2022

Addressing racism in respiratory therapy educational programs: An integrative literature review

Jimmy Joy
Published online July 26, 2022

Effects of wearing different facial masks on respiratory symptoms, oxygen saturation, and functional capacity during six-minute walk test in healthy subjects

Sauwaluk Dacha, Busaba Chuatrakoon, Kanphajee Sornkaew, Kamonchanok Sutthakhun, Putsamon Weeranorapanich
Published online June 22, 2022

Letter to the Editor re: Late diagnosis of COVID-19 and hypercoagulable state

Rujittika Mungmunpuntipantip, Viroj Wiwanitkit
Published online June 22, 2022

Designing behavioral interventions using the capability-opportunity-motivation-behavior model and the theoretical domains framework to optimize oxygen saturation maintenance by NICU providers

Kevin Middleton, Connie Williams, Deborah Bernard, Kanekal Suresh Gautham, Sandesh Shivananda
Published online June 22, 2022

Outcomes and follow-up for children intubated in an adult-based community hospital system: A retrospective chart review

Mika L. Nonoyama, Vinay Kukreti, Efrosini Papaconstantinou, Natascha Kozlowski, Sarah Tsimelkas
Published online June 10, 2022

Proceedings from the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists Annual Conference May 13-14, 2022

Published online June 6, 2022

A survey of Canadian respiratory therapists working in the COVID-19 pandemic: The RRT perspective

Claire Ward, Jillian C. Banfield, Paul Brousseau
Published online June 6, 2022

A survey of physicians’ opinions about the treatment of subsegmental pulmonary embolism

Mahdokht Parsirad, Besharat Rahimi, Soheil Peiman, Jayran Zebardast, Elham Zangene
Published online April 20, 2022

Late diagnosis of COVID-19 in a 34-year-old man in a hypercoagulable state: A case report

Desdiani Desdiani
Published online April 20, 2022

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients’ experience using Trelegy as compared with other inhalers

Hyfaa Mashaal, Joshua Fogel, Najia Sayedy, Ruchi Jalota Sahota, Jagadish Akella
Published online March 25, 2022

Clinical and cardiovascular characteristics from subjects with COVID-19 and viral outbreaks

Arturo Orea-Tejeda, Óscar Ubaldo Martínez-Reyna, Dulce González-Islas, Rafael Hernández-Zenteno, Rocío Sánchez-Santillán, Aimeé Flores-Vargas, Alan Ibarra-Fernández, Ilse Pérez-García, Justino Pineda- Regalado, Juan José Orozco-Gutíerrez 
Published online March 17, 2022

Prediction for the maximum inspiratory pressure value from the thoracic expansion measurement in Indonesian healthy young adults

Marina Moeliono, Dian Marta Sari, Taufiq Nashrulloh 
Published online March 17, 2022

Point-of-care ultrasound training for respiratory therapists: A scoping review

Coralea Kappel, Dipayan Chaudhuri, Kelly Hassall, Shannon Theune, Sameer Sharif, Waleed Alhazzani, Kim Lewis 
Published online March 9, 2022

SingStrong—A singing and breathing retraining intervention for respiratory and other common symptoms of long COVID: A pilot study

Roisin M. Cahalan, Ciara Meade, Sarah Mockler
Published online March 9, 2022

Hypertonic saline jet nebulization breathing treatments produce a predictable quantity of aerosolized sodium chloride for inhalation

Martin J. Flores, MaTais Caldwell, Kalysa D. Passmore, Megan Denney, James M. Carr, Kerri Carr, Jeremy M. Carr
Published online February 8, 2022

Development and internal validation of an equation using anthropometric measures to predict correct endotracheal tube insertion depth

Teresa A. Volsko, Neil L. McNinch, Christopher Page-Goertz
Published online February 7, 2022

Respiratory involvement parameters in hospitalized COVID-19 patients and their association with mortality and length of stay

Eric Lam, Sandra Gomez Paz, Dominique Goddard-Harte, Yosif N. Pak, Joshua Fogel, Sofia Rubinstein
Published online January 13, 2022


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