Airway Management

Airway Management

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to introduce this e-publication, a compilation of CJRT articles that have addressed the issue of airway management / tracheostomy.

We invite respiratory therapists as well as our interprofessional colleagues to submit papers on this topic that can be added to this collection. Our profession relies on the development, distribution, and clinical utilization of scientific knowledge by our colleagues so that we can take ownership and build our specialized body of knowledge.

Article title Article author(s) Issue  
A comparison of three techniques for cricothyrotomy on a manikin Oliver Poole RRT MD, Michael Vargo MD, JinBin Zhang MD, Orlando Hung MD Spring 2017

Vol 53 #2

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Can an interprofessional tracheostomy team improve weaning to decannulation times? A quality improvement evaluation Cynthia Welton RRT Hon BSc FCSRT, Melissa Morrison RRT Hon BSc, Marifel Catalig RRT Hon BSc, Juliana Chris MHSc S-LP CASLPO, Janos Pataki ND FRCPC Winter 2016

Vol 52 #1

Pages 9-11 in PDF

Early versus late tracheostomy for critically ill patients: A clinical evidence synopsis of a recent Cochrane Review Allison Keeping BSc Winter 2016

Vol 52 #1

Pages 29-30 in PDF


Innovation in respiratory therapy and the use of three-dimensional printing for tracheostomy management Andrew J West MAPPSc RRT FCSRT, Karen Taylor RRT, Daniel W Rickey PhD MCCPM Summer 2015

Vol 51 #3

Pages 23-25 in PDF

A single-centre case series assessing the Ambu® aScope™2 for percutaneous tracheostomies: A viable alternative to fibreoptic bronchoscopes Steven Reynolds MDFRCPC, Jason Zurba BSc RRT, Laura Duggan MD FRCPC


Spring 2015

Vol 51 #2

Pages 21-23 in PDF