Clinical Simulation

Clinical Simulation

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to introduce this e-publication, a compilation of CJRT articles that have addressed the issue of Clinical Simulation. The focus of these articles will encompass all areas of application and research in respiratory therapy clinical simulation.

Our profession relies on the development, distribution, and clinical utilization of scientific knowledge by our colleagues so that we can take ownership and build our specialized body of knowledge. I strongly encourage you to use these resources and consider publishing with the CJRT – disseminate your knowledge and be the change agent!

We invite respiratory therapists as well as our interprofessional colleagues to submit papers on the topic of Clinical Simulation that can be added to this collection, which may address:

  • a wide range of simulation technologies, such as skills-based task training, immersive simulation, computer-based simulators, and virtual reality
  • the use of clinical simulation in settings representing the breadth of respiratory therapy educational and professional practice
  • innovative teaching/learning strategies that employ clinical simulation
  • the use of clinical simulation for evaluation of respiratory therapy competency
  • perspectives relating to the technical, resourcing, and/or operations aspects of clinical simulation

Justin Sorge, RRT, MPH

Editor-in-Chief, CJRT


Article title Article author(s) Issue  
Simulation use in paediatric student respiratory therapy training Catharine M. Walsh, MD, MEd, PhD, FRCPC, Katherine S. Reise, RRT, BHSc, Roger Correia, BSc, RRT, MHS Fall 2017, Vol 52 #4 Full Text (HTML)

PDF Download

Simulation Specialists: setting the stage for a new role for Respiratory Therapists in education? Jessica Bernard BSc. (Hons), RRT Fall 2017, Vol 52 #4 Full Text (HTML) PDF Download


Simulation—an invaluable tool in the respiratory therapist’s tool kit Kevin Middleton RRT, BSc, MEd Fall 2017, Vol 52 #4 Full Text (HTML) PDF Download


Towards an enhanced conceptualization of fidelity for instructional design in simulation-based respiratory therapy education Andrew J. West EdD, MAppSc(Resp), FCSRT, Beaumie Kim PhD, Gale Parchoma PhD Fall 2017, Vol 52 #4 Full Text (HTML) PDF Download


The effects of introducing high-fidelity simulation to preclinical student respiratory therapists David Wall RRT, BSc, MEd Fall 2017, Vol 52 #4 Full Text (HTML) PDF Download


Partnering for Patti: Shaping future healthcare teams through simulation-enhanced interprofessional education Renée Gordon RN MSc, Meaghan Flecknell RN MN, Tammie Fournier RRT, BEd, Diana Dupont RN MN Katelyn Gowlett BN Student (Year 4), Karen E. Furlong RN, MN, PhD Fall 2017, Vol 52 #4 Full Text (HTML) PDF Download


A comparison of three techniques for cricothyrotomy on a manikin Oliver Poole RRT MD, Michael Vargo MD, JinBin Zhang MD, Orlando Hung MD Spring 2017, Vol 53 #2 Full Text (HTML) PDF Download


Optimizing learner assessment in a respiratory therapy clinical simulation course Yvonne Drasovean, MEd, RRT, FCSRT Winter 2017, Vol 53 #1 Full Text (HTML) PDF Download


The practice of simulation-based assessment in respiratory therapy education Andrew J West, EdD(c), RRT, FCSRT1, Gale Parchoma, PhD Winter 2017, Vol 53 #1 Full Text (HTML) PDF Download