Visual Abstracts Published in 2022

Visual abstract 2022-049

Anna Spirczak, Ramandeep Kaur, David L. Vines

This survey study identified various personal, job and organizational related factors associated with increased compassion satisfaction as well as compassion fatigue among RTs.

Visual abstract CJRT 2022-39

Julie Brown, Wouter Kalle, Thiru Vanniasinkam

The results suggest that RT groups across Canada had higher early vaccination uptake rates than general healthcare worker groups and that age, relationship to people with COVID-19 and trust in science played a significant role in their vaccination uptake rates.


Zeina Atwi

The effect of inhaled furosemide on the dyspnea and pulmonary function values in people with COPD remains uncertain, and questions have emerged regarding the long-term impact on these patients. While this therapy is promising for dyspnea relief and improvement of pulmonary func- tion values in people with COPD, further consideration and additional data still need to be gathered.


Marina Busico, Mariela Marisol Laiz, José García Urrutia, Maria Emilia Amado, Darío Villalba, Santiago Nicolás Saavedra, Adrián Gallardo, Arnaud W Thille

The case series presented show the feasibility of prolonged use of HFNO and APP in patients with COVID-19 and severe persistent hypox- emia and described strategies to enhance adherence.

Kaur et al_Visual Abstract CJRT

Ramandeep Kaur, Elaine Chen, Anam S. Faizi, Vivien Joy Lamadrid, David L. Vines, J. Brady Scott

This pilot study findings reveal that RTs and RNs experience moderate to high levels of subjective stress when performing CE. One-third of the survey participants were at risk of developing PTSD.

Visual abstract CJRT 2022-15

Mika L. Nonoyama, Vinay Kukreti, Efrosini Papaconstantinou, Natascha Kozlowski, Sarah Tsimelkas

Pediatric intubations were rare in a Canadian adult-based community hospital system. Most intubations demonstrated FPS with relatively few AEs and no significant differences between health provider type. Future investigations should utilize multi-centred data to inform strategies suited for organizations’ unique practice cultures, including training programs.


Claire Ward, Jillian C. Banfield, Paul Brousseau

The COVID-19 pandemic adds another layer of stress for RRT professionals who are working in high-risk situations and feel anxious, over- whelmed, and concerned about their personal safety.